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Dair Brown usually writes fiction under the name H. Dair Brown.


H. Dair Brown is a fiction writer whose short fiction has been published in The First Line and The Grief Diaries (so far). In 2019, her dark historical novel-in-stories, Molly Bright, was a top-three finalist in the Colorado Gold Fiction Contest. She is currently busy at work on a series of unsettling novels set in her small hometown in Upstate New York.

Dair also produces a weekly podcast (along with the occasional essay) on writing productivity. You can find The Rookie Writer Show on most podcast platforms. The Writer magazine also recently featured one of her articles ("The tao of the Three Little Pigs") as one of their most popular.

In an attempt to keep themselves out of trouble (and reading as many good books as possible), she and fellow author Robin Knabel co-host Unsettling Reads, a spoiler-free book review podcast also widely available on all the usual podcast spots.

Dair's dark, unsettling novels and short stories often feature storylines where secrets and dark deeds from the past won't stay hidden. In contrast, Dair tries to keep her real life nice and tame, and she's (usually) a pretty open book.

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