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review cheatsheet

Well, helllllo there!

A word or two on the "hook" and/or premise that makes you pick up the book.

Sweet n' Whoa! (1-10)

Speaks to how hot and steamy things get when the romance heats up. Keep in mind, this is going by average RomCom standards. Even a 10 on this scale will likely bring a lot less of the sexy business compared to your garden variety Erotica. 

LOL Score (1-10)

Sad, but true: It's hard to make me laugh out loud when I'm reading. While I often enjoy the crazy scenes or the witty banter of the books I'm reading, I'm more apt to just say, "That's funny" than actually get into "pee my pants laughing" territory. If you see a 10, beware: you're dealing with an intensely funny book! Have your backup pants at the ready.


A Spoonful of Honey

These are the serious topics, lessons, or messages that stay with you after the book is finished. 

I'll Have What She's Having 

Suggestions for making the reading experience even better


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